Plush hedgehogs have been removed from Vladimir's shops - is this an autumn aggravation?

Plush hedgehogs have been removed from Vladimir's shops - is this an autumn aggravation?

  • . In childhood, when I saw illustrations for "Mowgli", I always had a question: where does he get in the jungle underpants that match his size as he grows. But that's okay - recently I came across another edition in a bookstore, adapted, apparently, for very young children. And Mowgli was not only dressed there in a shirt-vest and knee-length shorts, but also ... put on shoes. Apparently, they decided that barefoot is also indecent and smacks of foot fetish.

    And what is happening now is no longer an autumn one, it is a systemic exacerbation, or rather, not an exacerbation, but a progressive course of the disease. When a school teacher is strongly discouraged from going to the beach, because flaunting a naked body in swimming trunks or a swimsuit is immoral, and the teacher should be a model of morality. When they write that children do not belong on the beach, because they will see something wrong there. When completely innocent scenes are cut out of Soviet (!) Films, because people in them seemed too naked or their behavior was too erotic. When the image of a girl in a swimsuit on a billboard or advertisement is deemed obscene and offensive, severe penalties are imposed on those who posted the advertisement or billboard. The paranoid search for enemies corrupting Russian children is no longer funny. They are scary.

  • What kind of belly buttons do hedgehogs have? There are no such navels. Well, in general - why do you need to make belly buttons for hedgehogs? They would just make a smooth tummy - that's all. And so you look - and the truth is vaginas, and even a certain color. Well, I don’t know, it’s possible that I am spoiled and I have a sick perception. But there are also a lot of people like me. I agree - no need to corrupt the kids. And so you look at modern toys - it takes a shock. Who just comes up with them?

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