Can you make moonshine from manure?

Can you make moonshine from manure?

  • Theoretically, it is possible, there is dextrose in the manure and in the presence of yeast there will be fermentation, but it will hardly be possible to drink, but if the obtained mash is driven not through a distiller, but through a rectification column, which provides the highest degree of purification, then we will get the purest alcohol from which you can will make vodka indistinguishable from wheat. However, I strongly suspect that this is how they get modern vodka.

  • Moonshine can be made from anything!

    That only wanders. Including shit. Remember "Chonkin's Soldier". And the truth is written. Ferment, you can overtake. What smell will remain is another question. But an experienced moonshiner can relieve this swill, very beloved by the Russian people and not only them, from any smell.

    Ha! There were some jokes. Some merry fellows threw yeast into the cesspool. The shit rose, pearl and spread in all directions and smelled very familiar. Shit, though.

    You can do without yeast. This fermentation product has it all. Only the wait will take longer. But we, the hares, have no patience.

    So go ahead for the development of clean environmental technologies ...

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