What gives girls a shabby look?

What gives girls a shabby look?

  • From a frankly unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep. If you follow it continuously and steadily. Although for some, a shabby look appears rather quickly. And even inappropriate, sloppy and overly bright makeup can help. But all this is purely my personal opinion :)

  • From alcohol abuse, frequent smoking and promiscuous sex life, these girls often look very shabby, and they often look older than their years, when the girl is a little over 20, and on her face all 30 with a ponytail.

  • I think that it is not at all difficult to guess here. In our time it is not at all surprising. If girls right on the street drink beer from cans, smoke. And accordingly, such girls will find guys of the same easy behavior in their company. couples. For which, however, quite often entertainment. And where is drinking, smoking, sex without any problems. Where can we get chastity? She is very scared with such slovens. She will most likely be present with girls who know her own worth. And for her banal acquaintances not by heart, but by instinct are not at all interesting.

  • I think it is from neglect. Unkempt, untidy, shabby - links in the same chain. This is if we consider external signs. But the inner emptiness also betrays itself in small touches: unkempt hair, ill-conceived hairstyle, creepy nails ... It all starts small ...

  • The shabby look in girls appears from approximately the same as in men, for example. From chronic lack of sleep, from long-term or frequent smoking, from the habit of drinking in nightclubs. From imperceptible nervous overload arising from the fact that today with one, and an hour later with another. And the body can have its own characteristics, not dependent on a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

    Well, what else to remember? From the lack of fresh air, you can hustle. From hypodynamia. From the fact that the megalopolis atmosphere presses down. From constant haste. From numerous negative thoughts. Any unresolved problems. From eaten forbidden fruits.

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