How will the girl react if she is suddenly kissed by an unfamiliar guy?

How will the girl react if she is suddenly kissed by an unfamiliar guy?

  • He will make himself hard to touch and, as is usually the case, will reward the boy with a slap in the face. Although deep down she is oh so nice) Of course, such a case is a rarity, unfortunately, and it seems to me that any girl would not mind such an "experience"!

  • A pleasant trembling on the body and a slap in the face to this glorious Knight! After all, all the same, the Earth is spinning! And of course, at once to all her friends will tell, except for her man (later her friends will tell him).

  • I had such a kiss at the age of 18.

    We stood under the office waiting for the next couple, there was a company of undergraduates and one of them came up and kissed me.

    I was terribly embarrassed, and could not say a word.

  • If the person is unfamiliar, then he can knock, "before reaching the cash register." A kiss is too intimate to be an adult.

    Therefore, I do not recommend experimenting.

    But after the girl will be a long story about this funny adventure, but with one condition, the guy should seem nice to her. if the guy is disgusted, she will also tell about the stranger's kiss, but she will spit for three days.

  • The girl can react in different ways. First of all, it depends on whether she liked the given action or not. I do not mean technique, but the mental and emotional state of the girl at that moment, her mood. Also, her reaction depends on her temperament. It may well be that a choleric girl will slap you in the face, a girl with a phlegmatic temperament will ignore, a sanguine girl will respond to a kiss, and a melancholic and suspicious girl will be offended, and then for a few more days (months, years ...) she will poke around in herself , thinking about what was mistaken for a girl of easy virtue. I wrote the reactions as examples.

  • I just do not care.

    I've had it several times.

    They threw savages, right on the street.

    One was even of Russian nationality, extremely pristavuchy, no matter how strangely cute.

    Apparently mentally ill. Ele got rid of him. Fuck, spoiled the whole evening.

    You see, there is no feeling for an unfamiliar guy, and if he does this, the reaction of an adult girl is total indifference and the desire to get rid of this inadequate as soon as possible.

    I ask you, do not do so, invite girls to the theater or to a concert, give flowers whenever possible, if a girl wants this, of course, do something shorter, just do not be savages.

  • I will say to myself. I immediately think that he confused me with someone. And I will say that nothing terrible, it happens, you probably after a night shift. But I still have thoughts in my head that he is completely insane, if he kissed a stranger.

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