What will be the relationship if a girl (woman) is ready for anything for the sake of money?

What will be the relationship if a girl (woman) is ready for anything for the sake of money?

  • None !!! A woman should always remain a woman !!! It should be warm and cozy with a woman !!! So that after a hard day I would like to run home, to her, to her beloved! And if you don't have bucks in your eyes, what kind of warmth and comfort can we talk about? We have more than one talk - a new fur coat, a car, where to go to the Canary Islands or Bali.

  • For some reason, it seemed to me that you yourself know the answer to your question =) I don't think of any attitude, if a girl has feelings for an ATM, then the ATM, respectively, should be next to her, and when the ATM runs out of money, she will find another one for herself! and then draw conclusions whether such a relationship with such a lady is needed or it is best to switch attention and interest to another passion

  • Relationships - Connections that arise between people, societies, countries in the process of communication, activities. The relationship will be purely calculated. About love, romance, spiritual relationship - there can be no talk (as if ...). But, as I understand it, the girl who loves money has all the same "hooked" with something. Since the subtleties of human relations are difficult to paint. I propose to study the version of the film "Pretty Woman". To use financial opportunities in opening the flower of the girl's soul ... Of course, delicate, long and hard work is needed. But if you learn to play such a sophisticated instrument as a woman, you can write such a symphony that you can't value money. TOTAL: formally, the relationship will develop in relation to money. But if you harness the creation of a symphony, then there is the likelihood of a relationship not through a monetary prism ... through the heart.

  • You don't need such a woman. This is not your level.

    Let it go to someone who wants to live on a powder keg and be constantly under stress.

    And the relationship will be exclusively like that. You will curse the day you met. Because neither your level of intellectual development, nor your ability, nor your hobbies, will be able to outweigh when you need to ..

  • What kind of relationship can we talk about at all, if she has a reflection of the dollar symbol in her eyes?

    If you have a "lemon" of greens, she will not think for a minute, and will go to the one who has a "lemon" of euros.

    The euro is more expensive than the dollar.

    And he will give up for two "lemons" dollars.

    "Paid lady" will be cheaper, and you will save your nerves.

  • The theory of money - commodity - money was thoroughly developed by the classic K. Marx in his economic work "Capital". Read and study his theory of commodity-money relations, which is the main theory of the development of capitalism in the world. In short, I exaggerate, of course, but there will be money, there will be goods, there will be no money, you will be left without goods. I answer that you will have ONLY commodity-money relations. ...

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