Why is the husband not sleeping with his wife in the same bed?

Why is the husband not sleeping with his wife in the same bed?

    1. The husband snores !!! Not every woman can fall asleep in the same room, especially since this often begins not immediately, but with age.
    2. Husband is full. In this case, the spouses may be hot and stuffy.
    3. And the wife is full, and they just do not fit, their bellies stick and hang.
    4. The husband smokes a lot, and his wife has a tobacco allergy.
  • There is nothing suspicious here!

    I have not slept with my wife in the same bed for many years from the fact that we have a different mode. She falls asleep after nine, or even earlier. I rarely go to bed before twelve. I get up no later than half past five in the morning, often earlier. The wife sleeps at least seven.

    And the devil's going to bother her. But she has an advantage. Before getting up, I bring her coffee in bed with all sorts of flavors.

    In addition, I do not just do not sleep, but I also mess around with all sorts of things. And for that I need light. So a light bulb hangs over my bed. Try to fall asleep when you hit the light with your eyes. I also watch TV with headphones. For some reason, everything interesting in it only looking at night.

    So we live in different beds, except for some specific cases.

    And we are not complaining ...

  • Sometimes you want freedom, personal space. Ideally, 1 should be done separately from the wife every day of the week.

  • I also sleep with my husband in different rooms. Analyzing this, I think that in our relations the moment came when love had already passed, there remained affection and habit for each other. There is no longer any passion or flirting. There is a life, children and neighborly accommodation as comfortable as possible for each other. Sex is periodically, but probably also out of habit. Sleeping separately is certainly bad for a couple, but very comfortable)))

  • I think that there is nothing wrong with that, because spouses do not have to sleep in the same bed at all times, I believe that this even improves the relationship between them, lends, so to speak, the freshness of their relationship on a personal basis.

  • I think this is a normal phenomenon, sleep separately. Someone is sleeping restlessly, often tossing and turning, snoring, talking in a dream, etc. The other one sleeps more calmly, but sensitively, any rustling can wake him up, disturb the sleep. People who have lived together enough often do just that.

  • Personally, I had a period in my life when I, a husband who madly loved his wife, slept separately for several years. This was directly related to the living conditions of our family. My wife bore me two wonderful daughters. When they started to grow up, I moved to sleep in the kitchen, since we lived in a one-room apartment. Now my wife and I have three rooms, a huge kitchen-dining room, two toilets. But we sleep together.

  • Although we are both physically thin, my husband goes to sleep with his son, explaining that he’s hot with me. And with my son for some reason he is not hot, I tell him about it, and he only smiles. Although she herself was already accustomed to sleeping alone in bed, and sometimes she would wake snoring exactly, sometimes a sudden movement.

  • and why is it necessary? well i Is a person obliged to follow some strange unspoken rule to sleep with someone in the same bed?

    He is an adult who respects his and other people's personal space.

    Well, maybe he's uncomfortable this way. Or he is ashamed of some of his shortcomings ... the same snoring ... or gas.

    I consider it quite normal, and besides, it is necessary for people to have different beds, and even better, different rooms.

    This only strengthens the relationship, people do not pall each other. And there is no feeling that someone is constantly watching you. Very unpleasant feeling by the way.

    So do not look for any cause for concern if he simply does not want to sleep with you in the same bed. This does not mean that he does not love you.

  • There can be any number of reasons. And "lack of love" is far from the first place among them.

    Very often, especially when it comes to middle-aged and older spouses, they prefer to sleep in different rooms - so as not to interfere with each other.

    Because by a certain time the dream becomes very restless and sensitive. And such trifles as snoring, for example, which were not in their youth or they were not very disturbed, naturally interfere with sleep.

    So there is no need to look for reasons. Dislike will manifest itself. You don't have to look for it if it's about the absence of love. And if all is well and only this worries you, then calm down. For family life, separate bedrooms are not a hindrance))

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