Why do men always spread their legs wide?

Why do men always spread their legs wide?

  • I feel so free. It's easier. The body first feels free. What is the impact? Nobody forbids you to spread your legs. This position of the legs helps the male prostate as I noticed. Prichindal here not at chm. Only the scrotum rests, as the legs do not press the scrotum.

  • If we are talking about spread legs when a man is on public transport, then these people are simply not educated and, therefore, do not know that their posture is not beautiful. Men thus want to show that they are liberated and they "do not care" at all. If a man just stands with his legs wide apart, then it's easier - this pose helps the man feel more confident.

  • Who would know? Personally, I can’t sit with my legs together =) But in public transport I still try not to disturb anyone. Although if you go for a long time, sooner or later they will still be placed =)

    That is more convenient for me. Maybe nature tried and gave the brain a set of legs. There should not be anything to compress, pinch. Blood must circulate freely, otherwise not like =)

  • In public transport such positura is more stable. If you move your legs, you can accidentally push the lady next to you while swinging the bus, which is not tactful. But when the legs are much wider than the shoulders, this vain man’s desire to appear more confident than he is.

  • Due to the fact that when the genitals are located between the legs and it is really not comfortable to close them and you do not want to. Although, of course, the width of the placement of the legs depends on the received upbringing and internal culture, or, alas, their absence ...

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